Unión Cie is headquartered in the city of Murcia, where it currently operated with ten professional experts in Law and Economics. Thanks to our geographic location, Unión Cie specialises in advisory services for foreign investors who wish to establish themselves in Spain. In order to provide a personalised customer service, we have several offices in tourist-residential areas of the Murcia region, where we provide investors with our professional services.


Our professionals specialise in legal and/or economic matters, and they work from our headquarters to provide an initial response to clients. They are, therefore, the first link in our chain. The business world is a complex one, so problems are usually not limited to one, but represent several conflicts that require a comprehensive solution. Here lies the second link in the chain and the key to our success: a large, experienced network of advisors, professionals and independent firms that work in coordination with UNIÓN CIE personnel.